Eagles Go Even Greener

The Eagles Go Green campaign is nothing new but the team is going even greener.

The Birds plan to add wind turbines, solar panels and a co-generation plant at Lincoln Financial Field over the next year.

The combination of energy sources will make the stadium self-sufficient and even allow the Eagles to sell some of its power back to the electric grid, team officials said.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie called the plan a “vital step towards energy independence.”

“This commitment builds upon our comprehensive environmental sustainability program, which includes energy and water conservation, waste reduction, recycling, composting, toxic chemical avoidance and reforestation,” said Lurie. “It underscores our strong belief that environmentally sensitive policies are consistent with sound business practices.”

The announcement was such a big deal that even NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was there.

Goodell said the Eagles have initiated a sustainability trend in the league and possibly beyond.

"People are going to see this all of the world," the commish said.

The whole plan is part of a 20-year agreement between the Birds and SolarBlue, an Orlando, Fla.-based energy company.

Under the plan, 80 spiral-shaped wind turbines will be mounted on the stadium's roof and 2,500 solar panels attached to the stadium's facade. The co-generation plant would be powered by biodiesel and natural gas.

“The Eagles’ plan for Lincoln Financial Field represents one of the most extensive renewable energy commitments by any major facility,” said Lee Maher, Chairman and CEO, SolarBlue.

SolarBlue will invest $30 million to build the system and then will operate the stadium’s power system for the next two decades.

The Birds should save $60 million in energy costs during the span of the deal, the team said.

The project should be finished by September, the Eagles said.

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