David Chang

Giants Fans Place Steve Weatherford Jersey on Rocky Statue

Both Eagles and Giants fans have always been known for their trash talk, especially before matchups between the NFC East rivals. The day before the Monday night football game between the two teams, a few fans decided to continue that tradition by placing a jersey on the statue of a Philly icon – a fictional icon, but an icon nonetheless.

Several photos of a blue Giants jersey on the Rocky statue at the Philadelphia Museum of Art made the rounds on social media Monday.

The number 5 jersey is that of former Giants punter Steve Weatherford, who was released by the team in September. Perhaps eager to be back in the spotlight for a brief moment, Weatherford reposted the photo on his Instagram page.


While Weatherford insisted he wasn’t the one who put up the jersey, he engaged in some trash talking of his own on Twitter after he caught the wrath of some Eagles fans.

The Eagles take on the Giants at the Linc tonight at 8:30 p.m.

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