Eagles Fans Are Bluest Birds: Study

Suffering through having to watch other NFL teams yet again face off for the right to raise the Lombardi trophy?

You aren’t alone Eagles fan.

Philadelphia isn’t home to a Super Bowl champion football team but at least we came out on top of other NFL cities like Cleveland, Detroit, Houston and San Diego for one distinction.

Philadelphia is the most depressed football city, according to Avvo.com.

OK so maybe being called miserable, depressed and suffering isn’t a good claim to fame.

The Bleeding Green Nation edged out Atlanta and Cincinnati in feeling blue in the study that examined the 14 NFL cities never to win a Super Bowl.

NFL ratings aren’t really in the wheelhouse of the doctor/lawyer search site Avvo.com but before angry Birds fans all start throwing snowballs at the Avvo folks at least let them explain their choice.

“Americans are extremely passionate and loyal to their favorite football teams, but when they’re beloved team loses, fails in the biggest of games or just plain underachieves, it’s not uncommon for them to be depressed or melancholy,” said Mark Britton, founder and CEO of Avvo. “That said, it’s not surprising that Philadelphia and Atlanta top the list because their respective teams, while strong of late, have never been able to bring home a Super Bowl, and thus every season has ended in bitter disappointment.”

Ouch, that was a punch to the gut. And come on what type of methodology could possibly put Philly ahead of economically depressed (and not very sunny) places like Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo?

The Avvo folks considered various factors including labor stats, psychiatrists per capita, commute, adults with hypertension, yearly sunshine, heavy drinking and behavioral risk factors.

In any case Philly can’t even get off this list before next season considering Andy Reid’s team again got knocked out of the playoffs before reaching the ultimate goal.

At least we can all wallow with other Eagles fans while watching another Super Bowl featuring the cross-state Steelers and an NFC team (the Packers) that dispatched the Eagles.

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