Eagles Are the Best…

...one-win team on ESPN.com’s NFL Power Rankings.

Did I get you with the headline? Maybe you thought I was going to say at giving the ball away, or making boneheaded mistakes or even at not living up to expectations.

But this post is about how the folks over at ESPN.com still seem to be drinking some of the Kool-Aid that this “Dream Team” is still better than their 1-4 record reflects.

The one-win Birds somehow best the two-win Seahawks, Browns and Chiefs on the Week 6 edition of ESPN.com’s NFL Power Rankings.

The Eagles place 21st on the list as explained by former Inquirer writer Ashley Fox:

It is Groundhog Day for the Eagles. Mistakes. Turnovers. Penalties. Boneheaded coaching moves. A porous defense. And on and on.

OK maybe they deserve to be ahead of the 2-3 Chiefs -- possibly the only team in the NFL with an even more-porous defense than the Eagles -- and the 2-2 Browns -- wins over Miami and Indianapolis don’t really count -- but it’s absurd that the ESPN folks popped the disappointing Birds ahead of the 2-3 Seahawks. The Seahawks just did the Eagles couldn’t -- beat the Giants (in New York nonetheless).

Of course should the Eagles lose to the 3-1 Redskins (10th on the rankings) they will likely drop into the Jaguars, Cardinals and Broncos zone in the high 20s.

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