Where Did Eagles Get Those (Under)Dog Masks From? Here's Where You Can Get Yours

We go searching for German Shepherd masks like the ones worn by Lane Johnson and Chris Long after the Eagles playoff win.

The Eagles showed some doggedness as underdogs in their divisional playoff win over the Falcons.

Offensive tackle Lane Johnson and defensive end Chris Long embraced the role by donning canine masks after the game. Long even gave an interview wearing his German Shepherd mask postgame.

"Somebody was like, 'What's up with the wolf mask?' First of all, it's a German Shepherd,” Long told reporters. “And it's the underdog mask and I wasn't going to field any questions, but I decided I would field them in the dog mask."

With the Birds primed to be underdogs again in the NFC Championship against the Vikings, expect to see a few more of those masks around town and maybe even in the stands at Lincoln Financial Field. 

Johnson, without endorsing a brand, said they got the masks from Amazon where there are almost one dozen options for German Shepherd masks.

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One company called Lubber, which sells all sorts of animal-themed rubber masks on Amazon, has a mask that nearly mirrors the ones worn by the Eagles. So, for $25.99 (with free shipping) you can look like an underdog, too. One problem - the mask won’t show up until Feb. 7, three days after the Super Bowl, at the earliest.

There are other masks that look a little less similar available for purchase online, including this one for $20.99 from Walmart that would arrive in time for Sunday’s game.

The Eagles don't list masks on the list of prohibited items at the Linc. The team is even encouraging fans to wear dog masks  (doggone it) as long as they take them off when they go through security.

And, if you can’t find your dog mask, an Eagles jersey, cap, scarf, coat, etc. should do just fine for showing your love for the Eagles.

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