Eagles Brass to Pay Coaches Despite Lockout

Eagles Jeffrey Lurie
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Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and President Joe Banner often face the ire of Eagles fans frustrated by years of getting close but never winning a Super Bowl.

But no matter what you might think of the Eagles brass they are doing right by their employees.

That's right, Andy Reid and his coaches will be collecting paychecks per usual no matter what happens in the NFL labor negotiations.

When the NFL lockout likely begins at the end of the day March 3, players won’t be getting paid, teams won’t be able to sign players and, in some cases, coaches will be getting docked pay.

Some NFL coaches could take up to 50-percent pay cuts if a new deal between players and owners isn’t reached before the collective bargaining agreement expires.

Even worse some coaches -- especially lower level assistants -- could lose their jobs.

“Every team has a clause that says their salary will be rolled back at a certain point in time,” NFL coaches association executive director Larry Kennan -- a former NFL assistant himself -- said Thursday. “The good teams say they won't roll back salaries for six months. The bad teams say they'll roll it back immediately and certain teams have it written into the contracts that they can be terminated immediately. That's for all coaches and head coaches.”

Most teams won’t dock pay for 30 to 60 days but the Eagles have no plans on docking pay at all.

“(Eagles Coaches) will not be docked,” Keenan told me Friday.

Further information on the Eagles and other team’s plans would be released next week.

For now Eagles fans should put down the pitchforks for a minute and actually heap some praise on the Eagles brass. Banner and Lurie might not be known as guys ready to fork over big-time dough to big-time free-agents but they at least do right by their field generals.

Just because the players will be locked out doesn’t mean Andy Reid and his staff don’t have work to do. They are spending the next few days at the NFL scouting combine preparing for April’s NFL Draft. They aren’t taking time off so they shouldn’t be docked pay – right?

Well in the money-hungry NFL, what’s right isn’t always what happens. But, in this case the Eagles brass is the gold standard.

It's a class move guys -- class move for sure.

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