Get on the Field With an Eagles Cheerleader

Lifelong Eagles fan makes her NFL debut


Stephanie S. was born and bred on the Birds while growing up in the Lehigh Valley and now she is rooting on her favorite team every Sunday.

The rookie Eagles cheerleader got her first taste of regular season NFL action this week and she was anxious to get out there.

“I can not even explain how excited I am and all the girls are for Sunday,” she told NBC Philadelphia earlier in the week.

And despite the excitement Stephanie knew what to expect from the Eagles faithful.

Nothing “is better than seeing a Philadelphia Eagles fan in their element at the games,” she said.

So did the fans live up to expectations despite the loss? What was it like being out there? And what the heck did she eat for breakfast?

We caught up with Miss July (in the Eagles Cheerleaders Calendar) on the field postgame to find out.

“It was almost like an out of body experience,” said the rookie cheerer about her first NFL game.

It wasn’t easy to stay focused -- there was so much going on with the pregame flyover and National Anthem to not be amazed, she said.

“I wanted to look everywhere.”

But it wasn’t like this was Stephanie’s first time in the spotlight. She was on the dance team in college was already known to some fans because of her photos in the calender and the Daily News. 

The road to becoming a cheerleader started for Stephanie with her mother who took her to dance classes at a young age.

But its a big step from college dancing and classes to the NFL. How did the fans treat her on her first day?

“The fans were great… I can’t wait for next week.”

But wasn’t it hard keeping upbeat and cheering when the game got out of hand?

“No, Philly fans are amazing… there were fans still cheering... telling the players to get them next week."

So what does it take to fuel a cheerleader for four quarters of action?

“I’m a big breakfast food fan,” said Stephanie. On Sunday she ate eggs, bacon and potatoes -- a good hearty pregame meal.

And Stephanie wasn’t worried about the Birds poor play -- in true cheerleader form she said that they will bounce back. And of course she will be there cheering them along.

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