NBC10 ‘Experts’ Pick Against the Birds

Andy Reid Upset
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After three-straight weeks of picking the Eagles and coming up short our team of football-picking “experts” has finally decided to pick the enemy.

A majority of our experts (75 percent) see the Bills beating the Eagles in Buffalo Sunday.

The charge against the Birds is led by reporter Tim Furlong who sees the 3-1 Bills easily beating the 1-3 Birds.

“The Eagles are gonna get smacked in the mouth by an angry Bills team fresh off their first loss… Red zone woes continue and Juan Castillo further proves he has no idea what to do with all the enormous talents in his secondary.”

All of the Birds Nest bloggers join Tim in picking the Bills.

Brian Solomon picks the Bills to win 34-27: “The Eagles defense is now officially the worst unit in the NFL. They won't be able to stop Ryan Fitzpatrick.”

Drew Magary also sees a shootout with the Bills edging the Birds 37-34.

“This is an easy contrarian alert. The Bills come back home licking their wounds after their first loss if the season. The Eagles, meanwhile, are desperate to win but are missing three key linemen. You can't win on desperation alone. Someone is gonna have to stop Fred Jackson, and I don't think the Eagles have that someone.”

As for this blogger I see a crazy shootout with the Bills high-powered offense having what it takes to beat the Birds 41-35. But, I believe the Eagles won’t lose again until at they face the Patriots in Week 12 so all isn’t overly dire.

Newsdesk guy Franco also picks the Bills in a shootout. “Bills are one of the hot teams right now. They have a strong running game and a QB who excels in the second half of the game. .. This will be a high-scoring game, due to poor defensive play by both teams, Bills 37 Eagles 30.”

Surprisingly one of the guys picking the Eagles this week is sales guy Corey who for back-to-back weeks most accurately picked the Eagles to lose.

“The cynic and realist in me can’t imagine this team and coaching staff being able to correct their incredible amount of problems that only seem to be getting worse -- especially playing this suddenly exciting, hot offensive-minded Bills team against our far over-matched defense,” Corey said.  “BUT, I just can’t believe our Eags have fallen so lowly as to not be able to pull a rabbit out of their hat this week and somehow actually catch a break or two and manage to pull this one off.  Eagles 27, Bills 24.”

But the biggest name picking the Birds is Football Night in Philly's Howard Eskin.

"Last week I didn't think there was any way the Eagles would lose, so this week I will make it simple -- the Eagles will cut down the mistakes and will win the game against Buffalo. It's a MUST win game and there are no more second chances. Eagles 31, Buffalo 20"

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