‘I've Been Through This Before:' Details of ex-Eagle McNabb's 2nd DUI Arrest

Former Eagles starting quarterback Donovan McNabb told an Arizona police officer “I’ve been through this before” while being booked for his second drunk driving arrest.

A Gilbert (Ariz.) Police Department incident report obtained by NBC10 lays out McNabb’s June 28 arrest after he allegedly rammed his Land Rover sport utility vehicle into a police officer's wife’s car. Reporting Officer Michael Holyoak responded to the fender bender at the request of the officer’s wife and wrote out the police report that charges McNabb with DUI of the slightest degree, DUI with a blood alcohol content of .08 or more and a charge for the collision.

Blood alcohol results obtained from the nearby Mesa Police Department lab revealed that McNabb’s blood – taken in the early hours of June 29 – showed a BAC of .171, which is more than double the Arizona state limit of .08.

The police report reveals that before being taken back to the Gilbert Police station, McNabb – his breath smelling of alcohol – repeatedly said he was “just trying to get home” and even offered to walk if needed, but insisted he was “good to drive” after leaving Blue 32, a sports bar located in a strip mall.

McNabb gave police permission to give him field sobriety tests, which the reports says he failed twice. Officer Holyoak said McNabb tripped while being led into the station and interrupted the officer’s instructions stating “I know what it means. I’ve been through this before.” (McNabb was arrested for DUI in December 2013 and later served one day.) McNabb then consented to the blood test that revealed he had alcohol in his system.

A search of McNabb’s SUV revealed $787 in cash but no illegal substances, said police.

After being photographed and finger printed, McNabb received a courtesy ride home from the arresting officer.

McNabb played 11 seasons with the Eagles, making six Pro Bowl appearances and starting 16 playoff games including a Super Bowl before playing for Redskins and Vikings for one season each before retiring after the 2011 season.

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