Discus Thrower Hurls Olympic Village Cheeseburger

Getty Images for Athletics Austr

Things are starting to get a bit weird in the Olympic Village.

Now that a lot of the athletes’ events are over and they have some time on their hands, well, strange things can happen.

Look no further than Benn Harradine, who threw discus for Australia. He finished eighth in the event, which was held last Friday.

Fast-forward a week and Harradine is still hanging out in the Olympic Village, and he still wants to throw things.

Hey, you gonna eat that?

Believe it or not, a cheeseburger isn’t the most unusual object Harradine has ever thrown.

If you guessed Australian Paralympian sprinter Scott Reardon’s prosthetic foot, you would be correct.

According to the video, the idea to toss the foot was Reardon’s, and it was all to gain support for Paralympic athletes.

Harradine has an entire YouTube channel filled with random objects he has thrown like a discus (hashtag #WillItThrow), and includes everything from baked beans to a hummus-filled sock. You can watch all of them by clicking here.

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