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Determining Sixers' 1st-round Opponent Is Complicated

The Sixers have had a playoff berth secured for a couple of weeks now, but their first-round opponent and seeding won't be determined until the final buzzer this evening.

There are still scenarios in which the Sixers can face one of four teams in the first round: the Indiana Pacers, the Washington Wizards, the Miami Heat or the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Sixers can still finish in either the third or fourth seed in the East with Cleveland taking the other spot. The Wizards, Heat and Bucks are all jockeying for the six, seven or eight seeds.

A Sixers win over the Bucks tonight locks the Sixers in at the 3 seed meaning they'd avoid the formidable Pacers in the first round.

It can get rather complicated when attempting to put into prose with all of the different scenarios, but this handy chart breaks it down rather clearly:

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