DeSean Goes All Tecmo Super Bowl on the Giants

DeSean Jackson Tecmo Super Bowl

Gamers of all ages were thinking a variation of one of two things as Eagles weapon DeSean Jackson dashed into the end zone (eventually) for the winning score in the Eagles miraculous 38-31 win over the Giants.

1. “Wow, DeSean just went Madden all over those guys!”
2. “Holy crud, D-Jax just went all Tecmo Super Bowl all over the G-men!”

I enjoyed Madden back in the Sega Genesis days but I was of the second thought process -- DeSean’s 65-yard miracle was the closest thing to live Tecmo Super Bowl I’ve seen since Bo Jackson wore Raiders black.

Looks like I wasn’t alone in seeing the 8-bit glory of DeSean’s return.

Shortly after the Eagles pulled off the “New Miracle and the New Meadowlands” YouTuber MrNFL posted “DeSean Jackson's Game Winning Punt Return Against New York...According to Tecmo.”

Sit back, relax and enjoy the glory that is DeSean’s great play as if it took place inside of a Nintendo instead of the New Meadowlands. (It's even synced to the actually impressive call by Fox announcer Joe Buck.)

A couple of observations that I know you hardcore Tecmo aficionados -- like myself -- probably picked up on.

The most glaring is that this a redo of the SNES version of the game released in 1993 rather than the classic 1991 TSB for NES. This is why the controls on the play-picking screen at the beginning feature SNES four-button controls rather than NES’ two button classics. Also, the graphics are a bit too clean for true TSB -- especially during the celebration sequence at the end.

Talking celebration sequence: how funny is the juiced-up version of DeSean jumping into his teammates' arms at the end? Seriously, D-Jax would need to pack on about 125 pounds to look like that.

But the most amazing part of this video is how fairly accurate it is to the real event besides mega-DeSean and the fact that he doesn’t originally fumble the punt.

The three most hilarious highlights:

  • That (as TSBers know) the clock runs down super quick, just like the 14 seconds seemed to during the game.
  • That right about at the same spot on the return that Eagles Jason Avant blew up a would-be Giants tackler -- a hit so hard it gave Avant himself a concussion -- a Tecmo Eagle explodes into a Tecmo Giant.
  • That DeSean toes the end line just like he did showboating to end the game.

Also MrNFL really deserves credit for flipping the names. He even made sure the Giants punter was named "Dodge."

Yes, this isn’t the first time and, with a hope of continued nostalgia, surely not the last time someone takes a modern NFL play and makes it into Tecmo history. But, all in all, this is an amazing ode to the great TSB and possibly the greatest play in Eagles history.

Now when will someone take Vai Sikahema’s knockout punt return at the Meadowlands and Tecmo it out?

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