DeSean Wants a New Contract, Drinks Gatorade

Eagles wideout steps inside the Gatorade Performance Lab, steps out about a new deal

Eagles Pro-Bowler DeSean Jackson put his physical fitness to the test and possibly tested the nerves of Eagles management Tuesday.

We will get to the Gatorade G-Series tests but first listen to what D-Jax had to say about his desire to get a new deal from the Birds.

AUDIO: DeSean talks about his contract desires.

“I feel I put in a lot of hard work… in the end of the day that’s all that matters,” he told the Gatorade folks. “I definitely feel like that I’m deserving for (a new deal) especially after the two years I had.”

So does that mean that Jackson will follow in the steps of another Drew Rosenhaus-represented wide receiver -- T.O. -- and make a big stink about getting his contract redone?

“I’m not going to make it a big deal. I said I’m going to be patient and when the time is right it’ll be done.”

Will the Birds brass fork over some green to the fastest guy in Eagles green? That remained unknown. What was known was why the Eagles weapon was in Miami.

The speedster was down in South Florida during Super Bowl eek to step inside the Gatorade Performance Lab.

DeSean fits as a Gatorade spokesman willing to test his skills. He drinks Gatorade before, during and after games, he said. So it makes sense that he would want to see how the electrolyte drink helps him hydrate.

To test and measure D-Jax’s various fitness levels, he was placed in some crazy looking pod, on a treadmill and hooked up to a bunch of tubes.

Turns out the bizarre pod looking thing measured the wideout’s body composition. And, that all the tubes were used to measure Jackson’s caloric expenditure.

The results of the test weren’t made public but could be used by Jackson to improve his physical conditioning.

DeSean seemed happy with the Gatorade G Series of drinks.

“So far it worked good for me today,” he said.

Other athletes put to the test include Jags running back Maurice Jones-Drew, Giants QB Eli Manning, Jets defensive back Darelle Revis and NFL hopefuls Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford.

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