The Chest Bump Seen Round the Nation

Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson has some fun with his head coach

DeSean Jackson electrified fans by putting up 261 total yards against the Giants Sunday night but after the Birds’ 45-38 win all the talk was about something he did on the sidelines not on the field.

After Jason Avant caught a two-point conversion to put the Birds up 14 with 5:48 left, D-Jax ran towards the sideline for a little chest bump (or was it a sky bump?) action. The celebratory bump recipient? None other than Head Coach Andy Reid.

“Big Red” played right along with D-Jax, hopping up in the air for the sky bump (well not quite as high as “Action” Jackson).

"We practiced that a few times during the week," Reid joked Monday.

Whoever knew Andy Reid had ups?

And, who knew Jackson had such love for Reid?

"Coach Reid, that's my man right there. He's a great dude,” Jackson said postgame.

This also wasn’t the first time Jackson tried to chest bump his head coach (he tried it during the Eagles Nov. 1 win over the Giants) but this time Andy really seemed to enjoy the moment and it was seen by millions nationwide watching Sunday Night Football on NBC.

OK, so the defense was terrible and the tackling was worse but with Jackson on the field Sunday night all was good including the chest bump, which we gave a nine out ten -- next time we want to see Andy go more forward and not use his backside to deflect the blow as much.

You gotta love the smiles the bump put on the faces of Jackson and Reid -- and be glad that neither guy hurt himself.

(thanks to Meech and the 700 Level for posting the chest-bump video)

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