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Sixers Fans Rejoice at Strangest Chapter in The Process Yet



    Sixers Fans Rejoice at Strangest Chapter in The Process Yet
    Sixers fans rejoice at strangest chapter in The Process yet

    What a strange state of affairs with the basketball team in Philadelphia, am I right?

    The Sixers are coming off of one of their most successful seasons in decades but the franchise just cut ties with their president and general manager heading into their biggest off-season in recent memory and the fans are, perhaps justifiably, rejoicing.

    How weird is all of that?

    Taken individually piece by piece, most of it makes sense. While the investigation and decision to part ways with Bryan Colangelo may have taken longer than many would have preferred, I believe they landed on the correct decision.

    The damage was done. The team needed a clean slate at GM. But looking at it through a different lens: the Sixers now have to start a search for a new general manager just weeks before the draft and free agency. That is an ostensibly awful situation to be in as an organization.

    But the fans' rejoicing can't simply be about this Twitter fiasco and its outcome. There were long-building reasons for the fanbase's distaste for the Colangelo family. The nepotism, the pushing out of the fanbase's "Once and Future Darklord" Sam Hinkie, the handling of the Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor trades. There was a lot there fans didn't care for.

    Could Brett Brown step in and hit home runs in his interim role? Sure. Josh Harris praised Brett's role in luring JJ Redick last offseason. Brown may not even need to hit home runs. A couple of singles and doubles could take this team to the next level.

    A good contingent of the fanbase never cared for the Colangelo regime either and argued that the Sixers' recent success was thanks in large part to the work of Sam Hinkie years ago.

    Perhaps this ugly fiasco could be a blessing in disguise, ending one regime that many never even cared for, and the Sixers could be poised to land an even better general manager that actually stays on the job for years and years of winning.

    They do have two superstars in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons plus team-friendly deals on a number of role players and cap space for potential game-changers.

    That's an enviable new job for any want-to-be general manager. And potentially the team's next superstar.

    But man, this was certainly a strange and unpredictable part of The Process.

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