Sixers Fans Aren't Alone in Recruitment of LeBron James

Sixers fans aren't alone in recruitment of LeBron James

Turns out, Sixers fans aren't alone in recruiting LeBron James to their city.

It also turns out that Lakers fans lack originality and creativity.

Yep, with the Cavs coming to Hollywood this weekend Lakers fans have borro… *cough* stole Philly fans' idea of a billboard campaign and did so by taking a shot at The Process.

Looks like @jacobemrani1 is making a serious push to get @kingjames on the #Lakers. I'm not a fan of billboard campaigns to get players to sign (remember the Stay Dwight fiasco?) but I'm happy to see a fan put their own money into showing their fandom.

— Shahin Jacob Ourian (@ShahinOurian) March 7, 2018

Funny, because they haven't put up a banner in nearly eight years, when Kobe was still around.