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Brett Brown Believes Sixers Not Getting Lakers' Pick in 2017 Is a Good Thing



    Brett Brown Believes Sixers Not Getting Lakers' Pick in 2017 Is a Good Thing
    Brett Brown believes Sixers not getting Lakers' pick in 2017 is a good thing

    Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown sat down with Howard Beck and Jordan Brenner of Bleacher Report on their "The Full 48" podcast to talk about the NBA Draft Lottery and the current state of The Process.

    One of the first questions posed to Brett is how adding another teenager or guy in his early twenties will be a challenge to the Sixers and what has he learned about dealing with youngsters during the first few years of the Process.

    Brett stressed the importance of teaching, on educating the young guys on what life on the NBA is really like, from a physical standpoint of the tough grind to the rookie wall.

    The Sixers owning the No. 3 overall pick in the upcoming draft is exciting for the club and its fanbase. But the hosts ask Brett about how much that excitement is tempered by the fact that there's still a big development process. What's reasonable expectation now?

    Brett mentioned the Minnesota Timberwolves and Tom Thibodeau and what they're going through with a lot of young talent.

    "Youth is tough. It's really tough," Brown said. "The Levine injury hurt them, but the fact that as good as Karl-Anthony Towns is and Andrew Wiggins is, they're still very young."

    "To our team, youth doesn't win. It needs to be developed. It needs veterans to come in and support it. We like where we're at. We think the growth we're experiencing organically is excellent."

    "I personally think not getting the Lakers' pick (in 2017), where we get their unprotected pick in 2018, is a good thing for the organization. It doesn't change the rules on how we teach and grow, it reinforces it even more, but the reality that we're still coaching twenty-year-olds still comes with great challenges." 

    He goes on to talk about both of the GMs he has worked under in Philadelphia, Sam Hinkie and Bryan Colangelo, and how he has great respect for both of them. Brett says some interesting things about how "the culture is moving forward."

    "The pieces behind the scenes, I'm so confident that it can become a plug-and-play thing no matter who comes in and how."

    "Sam did a hell of a job. He will resurface, make no mistake about that."

    You can listen to the full podcast here.