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Pat Neshek Scares Rhys Hoskins Fans



    Pat Neshek Scares Rhys Hoskins Fans
    Pat Neshek scares Rhys Hoskins fans

    Pat Neshek is unofficially a Phillie once again, and he's got jokes.

    The lone All-Star for the 2017 Phillies, Neshek wore No. 17 in his short stint with the team last season. No problem, when he rejoins the team in spring training this season, he will get his number back, right?

    Enter Rhys Hoskins.

    After a relatively slow start to his MLB career for the first few games, Hoskins went on an absolute tear, belting 18 home runs in less than one-third of the season during his rookie campaign. During that time, a lot of fans probably bought a ton of Rhys Hoskins No. 17 jerseys.

    Well, Neshek is back and he wants his number back. He posted this tweet Thursday.

    He let 22 minutes go by before responding with this Tweet.

    Some fans were not amused with his first post.

    That's a pretty funny joke and it shows that Neshek, who is an avid baseball card collector, is a true fan of the game, kept up with how his former team was doing while he was away last season and has a decent sense of humor.

    Looks like Neshek will find a new number, but Phillies fans will hope he's just as effective in it as he was last season in No. 17.