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Former Phillie Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez Dies



    Former Phillie Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez Dies
    Former Phillie Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez dies

    Former Phillies reliever Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez died Thursday in his native Cuba, the Phillies announced Friday.

    Gonzalez, 31, was killed in a car accident, according to the El Nuevo Herald.

    Gonzalez defected from Cuba in 2013 and was a highly sought-after free agent, eventually signing a three-year deal with the Phillies.

    "It has been tough being away from my family," Gonzalez said through a translator after the team signed him. "It has definitely been tough. I have no regrets, the distance between me and my family - my mother, aunts, cousins - is the only thing."

    The Cuban never reached the lofty expectations both the team and fans had envisioned for him. The righty was troubled with arm injuries throughout his Phillies' career, causing his velocity to dip. 

    He made six big-league appearances in his career - all in 2014 - with a 6.75 ERA and pitched in the minors until his release from the Phillies in April 2016. 

    Gonzalez experienced his most successful years pitching in his homeland - which included two World Cup appearances in 2009 and 2011 - but was suspended from the national team for his multiple failed attempts to defect.

    Gonzalez is just the latest Phillie to have died recently. Legendary pitcher Roy Halladay died in a plane crash Nov. 7 and the revered Dallas Green lost his battle with kidney disease in March.