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Philadelphia Flyers

Flyers Debut a 'Rage Room' Inside Wells Fargo Center Where Fans Can Break Stuff



    Flyers Give Fans Room to Unleash Their Rage

    The Philadelphia Flyers are giving fans the chance to unleash their anger by providing them with a rage room. Watch as NBC10's Keith Jones tests it out.

    (Published Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019)

    The total transformation of the Wells Fargo Center continues with one room in particular that Flyers fans may not have seen coming but could probably desperately use.

    There's now a "rage room" where fans can break stuff.

    No, for real.

    Now Philadelphia Flyers fans won't have to take out their frustration by throwing glow-up wristbands onto the ice, they can simply take some swings at a television and shatter some glass instead. And not have to clean it up.

    It will officially be dubbed the "Disassembly Room" and is described as such in the release:

    "The concept is definitely one-of-a-kind and non-traditional," said Valerie Camillo, President of Business Operations of Philadelphia Flyers and the Wells Fargo Center. "We ran the concept by some of our fans who told us they thought this would be a fresh way to have some harmless fun. I had never heard of a rage room before the design team pitched the idea. Now, I can't wait to get in there and take a few whacks."

    The rage room-style space allows fans and guests a stress-relieving outlet amid all of the game action. Through scheduled sessions that can be reserved in advance, participants wearing protective gear can smash, break, and unleash their rage upon everyday items like televisions and dishes using bats, sledgehammers, and more. Some of the items that can be disassembled might even bear the logo of an opposing team.

    ESPN's Katie Nolan got a sneak peak of the room and got to break stuff with Gritty. Talk about dreams coming true.



    The room will be open for the Flyers home opener against the New Jersey Devils on Wednesday. Fans can do walk up sessions or reserve a time slot here.