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Orange, Black & Gold? Flyers Unveil 50th Anniversary Jerseys

Flyers Celebrate 50th Season With Golden Jersey

In their upcoming season, the Flyers will wear golden-accented jerseys to celebrate their 50th anniversary as an NHL team. Captain Claude Giroux showed off the new jersey Wednesday. (Published Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016)

If you fancy yourself a traditionalist, these new Flyers jerseys probably aren't going to be for you. That's because these sweaters aren't orange and black. They're orange and... gold?

True, the franchise is celebrating 50 years of its existence this upcoming season, or the golden anniversary as its often known. At the same time, the use of that color on a uniform that, despite undergoing many changes through the years, has always stuck with the tried and true orange and black.

But hey, don't knock them until you've see them. Here's Flyers captain Claude Giroux modeling the new duds at the big unveiling on Wednesday.

The Flyers will wear the jerseys 12 times during the 2016-17 campaign, and it's said late team owner Ed Snider was involved in their design.