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Vince Papale Delivered Cheesesteak to Eagles Walk-on Hopeful, Offered Words of Advice



    Vince Papale Delivered Cheesesteak to Eagles Walk-on Hopeful, Offered Words of Advice
    Vince Papale delivered cheesesteak to Eagles walk-on hopeful, offered words of advice

    You've probably seen photos of the guy camped outside of the Eagles training facility in South Philadelphia with a sign looking for a tryout. His efforts appear to be garnering more and more attention and even a talk with the pioneer of making the Eagles off the street.

    RaShaun Sligh is a Temple University student who once attended a pro day there but never actually suited up for the Owls' football team. He's certainly got perseverance because he's been out there for the better part of a week.

    His sign reads that he just "wants an opportunity to be an Eagle."

    Sligh's efforts are certainly gaining some steam. He appeared on 94 WIP last week and also chatted with Howie Roseman and Malcolm Jenkins on Monday.

    "I love the game," he told Angelo Cataldi. "I really do in my heart believe I can help the Eagles organization win some games."

    His hopes are a long shot but he wouldn't be the first guy to make the Eagles off the streets.

    Every Eagles fan is familiar with the story of Vince Papale that was turned into the Disney movie "Invincible" starring Mark Wahlberg as the bartender-turned-Eagle.

    Papale has turned his short stint as a walk-on with the Eagles in the 70's into a motivational speaker and he used some of his personal experience to stop outside of the NovaCare Complex on Tuesday and speak to Sligh about his dream of making it in the NFL.

    I spoke with Vince this afternoon about his quick meeting with Sligh.

    "He didn't know who I was at first," Papale told "I said, 'I know where you're coming from, I'm Vince Papale.' He almost passed out he was so appreciative. I liked his reaction right from the beginning. He's got a great attitude."

    Papale actually invited to treat Sligh to lunch over at Chickie's and Pete's but the latest Eagles hopeful didn't want to leave his post outside of the facility because he hadn't talked to any coaches yet today.

    So Vince delivered him a cheesesteak and some crab fries to go along with a message of hope.

    "'Chase your dreams,' I told him. He didn't ask me for anything. They told me back in the day I couldn't do it and I got it done. 'Keep grinding, keep hustling, and maybe you'll get your shot.'"

    Papale said he was particularly appreciative of the word choices on Sligh's sign.

    "I used the same words back in the 70's. All I wanted was an opportunity. So I get it. You never know what's going to happen."

    Stranger things have happened. Maybe they'll make another movie about it someday. Or at least get another free cheesesteak along the way.