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Roseman's Take on Nick Foles Trade Rumors



    Roseman's Take on Nick Foles Trade Rumors
    Roseman's take on Nick Foles trade rumors

    INDIANAPOLIS - Nick Foles is a very attractive carrot Howie Roseman and the Eagles could dangle to recoup depleted draft options.

    The Birds will select last in the first round of the 2018 NFL draft and then don't pick again until the fourth round. Not having a second or third cannot sit well with the Eagles' general manager. 

    Foles' timing was impeccable in leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl win and possibly getting a new long-term deal for serious money.

    From an organization standpoint, his value could not be higher. The NFL is a quarterback-desperate league.

    "We're trying to keep as many good players as possible and you're talking about a Super Bowl MVP," Roseman said Wednesday at the NFL Scouting Combine.

    "He's been unbelievably successful for us. He's got great character and leadership. That room is exactly what we're looking for. We have a franchise quarterback, a Super Bowl MVP and a young quarterback that we're excited about as well."

    Draft picks aside, there is also door No. 2 when it comes to a Foles deal. The possibility of a current player coming back in a trade. It's rare but maybe the Eagles could pry away a starting linebacker? That could allow the team to let Nigel Bradham walk and save some money. Or some depth for the oft-injured Jordan Hicks? 

    Tough call considering the severity of Carson Wentz's injury. But these are the difficult decisions Roseman will have to explore in the near future.