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Eagles-Giants NFL Week 12 Predictions



    Eagles-Giants NFL Week 12 Predictions
    Eagles-Giants NFL Week 12 predictions

    The Eagles (4-6) are coming off a 48-7 loss to New Orleans in the Superdome last weekend. They will host the Giants (3-7) on Sunday at the Linc. 

    To the predictions: 

    Reuben Frank (5-5) 
    They should beat the Giants. They better beat the Giants. They have to beat the Giants. But the way the Eagles are playing right now? I don't know if they can beat the Giants. I don't know if they can beat anyone. And until I see them actually go out and outplay a team in every facet, it's hard for me to pick them to win. There's a reason they're a six-point favorite. Logic says they're that much better than the Giants. But nothing about this season has been logical. There's something missing right now and I'm not sure they can get it back. It's not just injuries, either. You can call it heart. You can call it will. You can call it fight. Whatever you call it, until I see some sign that this team is willing to stand toe-to-toe with another NFL team and do what it takes to come out with a win, I can't pick them. 

    Giants 30, Eagles 23

    Dave Zangaro (3-7) 
    If the Eagles don't win this game, they might not win another one the rest of the year. At home against the Giants? This is the most winnable game on their schedule, so if they can't find a way to win this one, things are about to really spiral. Obviously, no one should be confident about this Eagles team beating anyone, especially with their depleted secondary. The Giants should be able to run and pass on the Eagles Sunday. 

    But I just can't shake the feeling that there's no way Carson Wentz comes out and has another bad game. He played the worst game of his career last week and I can't see him playing poorly again. I have convinced myself to pick the Eagles, but I'm not confident about it. 

    Eagles 27, Giants 26 

    Derrick Gunn (4-6) 
    I never thought I would see the Eagles go into any game this season without five of their top DBs, yet it's happening. So get ready to hear names like LeBlanc, Sullivan, and Bausby mentioned a lot. Throw in Jordan Hicks also sitting this one out with a calf strain. Eli Manning will try to exploit the Birds' deficiencies on the back end, getting the ball out quick to Odell Beckham Jr, Sterling Shepard, and Evan Engram. Tim Jernigan is finally back to help Fletcher Cox control the trenches. It's still fresh in the defense's minds how back in Week 6 Saquon Barkley torched them with 22 touches for 229 yards and one score. 

    The Birds' offense is healthy compared to the defense but their performance for much of this season - the last two weeks in particular - has been sickening to watch. If there ever was a defense for them to get well against, it's this Giants defense. On D, the G-men are ranked 25th overall, 25th in points allowed (26.3), 25th against the run (125.4), and 31st in sacks (11). There's simply no excuse for Wentz and the offense to not rack up plenty of yards and points. And yet I'm not so sure they can do it. 

    The Giants have won two in a row. The Eagles have lost two in a row. I can't even imagine the Birds blowing this one. 

    Eagles 31, Giants 28

    Ray Didinger (5-5) 
    The fact that Odell Beckham, Jr. is talking about the 3-7 Giants running the table and winning the NFC East tells you just how far this once proud division has fallen. There isn't a good team in the bunch, especially now that Washington has lost Alex Smith for the season. But somebody has to finish first and get blown out in the playoffs so good luck with that, guys.

    I'm really tired of the "hey, we have all these division games left so we can still win it" refrain we've been hearing from the Eagles and their fans. It is downright silly to even have that discussion when (a) you are coming off a 48-7 loss, (b) you haven't won back-to-back games all season and (c) you have dropped three straight at home. When you're playing as badly as the Eagles are right now, the only sensible thing to say is, "Let's try to win the next game."

    The good news is they might be able to do that. I'm not buying into this notion of a Giants resurgence. They beat San Francisco and Tampa Bay, for Pete's sake, two teams in free fall. The Eagles are in a bad way, no doubt about it, but they are 16-4 in their last 20 games against the Giants and that should count for something. I also don't expect Carson Wentz to have two stinkers in a row. I think the Eagles will win this game and let's see where they go from there.

    Eagles 24, Giants 20

    Andrew Kulp (5-5) 
    Was really surprised to see the Eagles are big favorites (-6). The Giants' offense is actually playing well since their bye, while the Eagles are probably an injury or two away from playing wide receivers at cornerback.

    I expect a better effort than a week ago, perhaps even a win. But I can't pick the Eagles when the Giants have actually looked like a superior team the last two games.

    Giants 24, Eagles 23

    Corey Seidman (4-6) 
    The Eagles obviously are not in a good place, but this is a winnable game and a get-right game. The secondary against the Giants' talented receivers is a concern, but Eli Manning isn't Drew Brees. The Eagles should be able to apply more pressure than they did in New Orleans, and will also benefit from the 2-4 throws Eli just misses. 

    Eagles 28, Giants 23 

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