Cris Collinsworth Wishes He Could Take Back His Analysis on Zach Ertz's Super Bowl TD

It's no secret Eagles fans grew disgruntled with NFL analyst Cris Collinsworth during Super Bowl LII.

You know, the big game the Eagles won to be crowned football champions of the world?

That one.

And it was because Collinsworth, in real time, questioned a few of the official rulings on two of the most meaningful plays in franchise history that propelled the Eagles to that 41-33 win over the Patriots on Feb. 4.

Everyone knows the plays.

Corey Clement's third-quarter touchdown catch to extend the Eagles' lead to 29-19, and Zach Ertz's game-winning touchdown catch late in the fourth.

With a new season ahead of us, Collinsworth has had some time to think about the Super Bowl and his analysis, which is the job - to provide his commentary and thoughts.

So what does he think now of those upheld touchdowns? Collinsworth had a chance to discuss the plays at the NBC Sunday Night Football special preview Wednesday in Philadelphia. The former wide receiver was honest, fair and had some fun with it.

On the Clement play:

The Corey Clement play, I probably wouldn't change my opinion on that one. All season long, I did 30 games, if you bobbled the ball and stepped on the line, it was incomplete.

On the Ertz play:

The second one, the first words out of my mouth, I wish I just stuck with these, was: 'I have no idea what they're going to call on this.' The ball bounced out, we've seen 1,000 different things. So the baseline thing is you've got to survive the ground, right? That's the rule, you've got to survive the ground. So what was Dez Bryant? Dez Bryant was one, two, three, a football act diving for the end zone, ball comes out, incomplete. What is this play? One, two, three, a football act and the ball comes out.

'Well, I guess they're going to have to overturn this one.' Oh, man, I wish I never said that.

Collinsworth went on to explain why Ertz's catch was in fact a touchdown. You can watch it in the video above.

As for his in-game thoughts ...

"I wish I would have just said what was the simple truth, which was I had no idea what they were going to do with that play, that was my mistake," Collinsworth said.

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