Out of the Nest: Cowboys at Eagles

Every week during the season, we’ll scout out the Eagles next opponent. This week, that opponent is the Dallas Cowboys.

The Opponent: The Dallas Cowboys, aka the Chokin' Romos

Record: 3-3

The Line: Eagles by 3.5. I don't agree with that line. Just kidding. It seems perfectly acceptable to me.

Last Game: A 34-7 curb-stomping of the Rams that got the Cowboys back on track after two utterly devastating losses in consecutive games to the Lions and Patriots. The Rams are so bad that we learned nothing from this particular outcome, other than that DeMarco Murray is quite effective when no defender touches him.

The Coach: Jason Garrett. When you need a three-yard pass to Jason Witten on 3rd and 8, Jason is your guy. Andy Reid admires his creativity.

The Offense: Murray had a breakout game last week with over 250 yard rushing, setting a franchise record in the process. Regardless of whether or not you deem that performance a fluke, you can count on the Eagles seeing a whole lot of Murray on Sunday Night. Like the Rams, the Eagles have a lousy run defense, so if Garrett has Tony Romo throw 50 passes, he ought to be fired on the spot. Speaking of Romo, this is the EXACT kind of game where Romo will look good for three quarters, only to throw a backbreaking three-pack of picks in the final six minutes. These games seem to always come down to Romo vs. Reid in the battle of "who can make the worst decisions". Always a thrill to watch.

The Defense: Rob Ryan's defense is no joke. They held the Pats to a season low in points two weeks ago, and they obliterated the Rams last week. DeMarcus Ware is still a beast, and Ryan will almost certainly flip him over to the left side of the d-line so he doesn't have to bother tangling with Jason Peters. The Cowboys' best cover man is Orlando Scandrick, but Scandrick works on the nickel receiver, and the Eagles aren't the kind of team that relies heavily on wideouts working out of the slot. Statistically, the Cowboys possess the best run defense in all of football, so Andy Reid will find himself mighty tempted to abandon Shady McCoy if he finds that the run isn't working. RESIST, ANDY. DON'T GIVE INTO CHOCOLATEY PASSING.

Key Matchup: Nnamdi and Asante Samuel vs. Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. Not happy with the Eagles front office, Asante? Well, here's your chance to prove to them that you shouldn't have been on the trading block.

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