Could a Ty Be Rolling Into Philly?

Phillies fans can't blame the team for not leaving any stone unturned in their search for a right-handed player off the bench.

They have spun the tires on a slew of former All-Stars including Nomar Garciaparra, Moises Alou, Mark Grudzielanek and Rich Aurilia to name a few but a guy who has never played in the mid-summer classic may be the best fit for the Phightin Phils.

Can you feel the Ty rolling in?

Ty Wigginton could make the most sense to be the righty off the pine that GM Ruben Amaro Jr. keeps listing as the most needed piece to defend that World Series Championship moniker.

This is why Wigginton makes sense for the Phils.

For starters he is much younger (31) than most of the other guys the Phillies have on their radar. He also may be willing to sign a multi-year deal that guys like No-Mar and Alou may balk at signing.

But Wigginton's value goes beyond age. He is flat out a better hitter at this point in his career than the group mentioned above or any of the other names being discussed.

Wigginton's 2008 stats read like a top-tier third baseman's stats: .270 average, .526 slugging, 22 doubles, 23 homers, 50 runs and 58 RBI. The trick with Ty is that he only played a part-time roll for the Houston Astros -- recording only 386 at bats.

Here is what Wigginton's stat line would have read if he played a full season: 32 doubles, 33 homers, 72 runs and 84 RBI. (Gotta love

Also, he torched left-handed pitching -- an area that the left-handed-powered Phillies often have difficulty attacking.

Wigginton's 2008 stats against lefties really impressed: He hit .340 with a .631 slugging percentage, nine doubles, seven homers and 15 RBI in only 103 at bats.

His 1.055 OPS against left-handed pitching was good for fifth in the majors last season beating out the likes of All-Stars Chipper Jones, Joe Mauer and Kevin Youkilis.

Wigginton would also protect the Phillies if starting third baseman Pedro Feliz continues to have back issues. His .969 fielding percentage is serviceable and he has played both corner outfield positions, first base and second base.

He could be Eric Bruntlett with pop.

So how does this guy remain unsigned?

Maybe he is asking for too much or just weighing all of his options.

Whatever the reasons -- it's time for the Phillies to pounce. They should let the Ty roll into Clearwater, maybe into October and beyond.

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