Confectionary Honors New England Patriots With Deflated Chocolate Footballs

A western Pennsylvania candy maker is having some fun at the expense of Tom "Bradie" and the New England Patriots.

The (Washington) Observer-Reporter says Bill Sarris had his staff make a "deflated'' chocolate football - it has a big dent in the side - and posted a picture on the company's Facebook page.

Named the "Bradie" ball to avoid any legal issues, the caption on the pic says, "Net weight 13 lbs ... Oops! We meant 11.2 lbs."

The Patriots and quarterback, Tom Brady, play in the Super Bowl Sunday, having been accused of using underinflated footballs in the AFC Championship game.

Sarris isn't selling the "Bradie" balls at his Canonsburg store about 15 miles south of Pittsburgh and won't say how he made his, saying, "You'll have to ask the Patriots how they did it."

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