Commentary: We Are…Sad. Angry. Numb.

Commentary from a Penn State Grad

We asked one of our NBC10 producers, Bill Shull, a passionate Penn State alumnus, to sum up his feelings the day before he heads to Happy Valley for the game against Nebraska.

We Are... Penn State.
Yeah, it’s hard to say that now, because now We Are a lot of things.
We Are… sad.
We Are… angry.
We Are… numb.
If you’re a Penn Stater, you know.

This scandal is unimaginable.
Things like this are not supposed to happen in Happy Valley.
When I talk with other Penn Staters, the conversation now begins the same way: throw up our hands, shake our heads and fight to find the right words to describe this tragedy.
The words don’t come easy.
We Are, and we know, this will have a long-lasting effect on our beloved school’s reputation on and off the field.
For 30 years I’ve been going to games and for 30 years things have hardly changed on Saturday’s at Beaver Stadium.
Now, it’s going to be different.
It will look different without Joe.
It will feel different without the innocence.
What will happen to the traditions?
Will the uniforms and Alma Mater change?
Will downtown still have the “feel” before the game?
If you’re a Penn Stater, you know.

I was a student at Penn State from ’82-’86, started and finished with National Championships.
Yes, I’ve always been in awe of Joe and Jerry Sandusky.
The charges against Jerry are unthinkable, but appear to be well substantiated.
Joe deserved better.
If you’re a Penn Stater, you know.

We Are… not defined by this incredible turn of events.
Should I trade in my PSU Alum license plate?
Should I get a new wardrobe without Nittany Lion logos?
We Are… Penn State proud of our history and our future.
For The Glory.
If you’re a Penn Stater, you know.

-- Bill Shull

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