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Chris Long's New Opponent? Dragons, Well Sort of. He's Writing ‘Games of Thrones' Wraps

Super Bowl champion Chris Long is going to be writing a Sports Illustrated column about who wins the Iron Throne

A beloved member of the Philadelphia Eagles is taking a trip to Westeros, sort of.

Eagles defensive end Chris Long, known for donating his entire salary to charity and sacking quarterbacks, is going to be writing “Game of Thrones” recaps for Sports Illustrated, SI columnist and podcaster Jimmy Traina tweeted along with a video of Long pounding his chest.

Long, 34, then retweeted a NSFW response about sending in his weekly GoT column via raven.

However Long gets his work to the SI folks this will be a special treat to read for people who both bleed green and fear that “Winter Is Coming.”

The final, six-episode season of GoT premieres this Sunday on HBO. Look for Long’s column once the blood settles.

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