Charlie Ain't Happy

Good 'ol Charlie Manuel was not happy after the slaughtering of the Phils Monday.

The Yankees beat the Phils 12-zip.  Yes, 12-0.

Charlie didn't try hiding his disgust on how the Phils played.

“I think any game like that pisses you off and the best thing you can do is bleepin’ get out there and get on that bleepin’ bus and forget about that sonofab****. That was a horebleep bleepin’ game and if I played in a bleepin’ game like that, I’d definitely bleepin’ take some good inventory of myself. That was a horsebleep bleepin’ game. They don’t get much worse than that," he said of the whoopin' on

He had some other choice words about the massacre, pitcher Kyle Kendrick and future improvement, which sports writer John R. Finger explains.

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