Caught on Tape: Phillies Phan Madness

Some of us celebrated by honking our horns and hanging out our car windows while driving down Chestnut St.  Some of us danced down Broad St. in our boxers.  And still others partied by climbing telephone poles, getting hit over the head with bottles and setting stuff on fire. 

Well, these videos really capture the essence and excitement of the World Series win Thursday.  And if you partied to hard, they also may help jog your memory on how you spent your Thursday night.

  •  This guy probably doesn't remember much from Thursday.  You wouldn't remember either if you got hit in the head by a bottle and fell off a street sign. 


  • These two probably woke up this morning in only their boxers and wondering why on earth they were painted red.  Here's why:

  •  This Phillies phan lost his clothes somewhere along the way.  But, he didn't seem to mind.

  •  This guy goes through almost the entire Phillies lineup and then shows a bunch of parade highlights including a person inside a traffic pylon.
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