Carli Lloyd Doesn't Realize Shane Got Traded

It’s a busy life for an Olympic athlete. Therefore one can forgive them for being a little bit behind current events outside of the Olympic games. This was on full display during a funny twitter exchange between former Philly Shane Victorino and South Jersey soccer star Carli Lloyd.

The Delran, New Jersey native is currently the darling of the sports world due to scoring both goals in Team USA’s gold medal win over Japan. Victorino tweeted the following to Lloyd on Thursday:

Wanted to send a congrats @CarliLloyd on your big game…

To which Carli replied on Friday:

Thank you! I’m a big fan of yours. Go Phils!

As most Phils fans who haven’t been competing in the Olympics know, Victorino was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers 10 days ago.

In Carli’s defense, the Brits aren’t exactly known for their extensive baseball coverage. And when you’re busy winning gold medals for your country, it’s hard to catch up on ESPN headlines.

Lloyd hasn’t tweeted anything yet acknowledging her error. We’re sure she’ll get a good laugh once she finds out though.

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