Can Vince Young Please Stop Talking?

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The Eagles made a slew of fantastic free agent signings this past month. They also signed Vince Young, a move that has already proven to be annoying in all sorts of fun ways. It was Young, of course, who first tossed out the notion of the Eagles being a "dream team." And really, Young should have been the last person to espouse this idea, considering a dream Eagles season is one which involves him NEVER taking the field.

Then Cris Collinsworth noted that Young failed to impress in practice. Now, Young has come back and tried to clarify his Dream Team remarks. And because he's Vince Young, he of course made the situation worse. Micah Warren has the full transcript:

"'That’s pretty much how it go with Vince Young,' Young said while butchering the King’s English. 'My words always get taken out of context. It’s just basically what I mean. We do have some really talented guys and I feel like if we continue to keep working and taking care of our responsibilities and finish like a team like we want to finish I feel like that’s pretty much how I called it.'

Right. Sooo… meant it?

'That’s just how I feel,' Young said. 'I don’t care what nobody else says, that’s how I feel about the guys here.'”

So to recap, Young was taken out of context, but he pretty much meant every word he said. I think he also threw in a token self-reference just to hit for the malapropism cycle.

Again, Young is the last person who really needs to say much of anything about this team's ability to win games. His status on the team right now is just barely somewhere above the punter. He's not the right guy for this sort of thing. He does such a lousy job explaining himself that his words only serve to drudge up the whole thing again and annoy everyone.

Andy Reid needs to issue a gag order on Young. And by that I mean he needs to literally find a gag and force Young to wear it. Because I don't want to hear the next clarification of Young's clarification. It's only gonna serve to bury him an extra foot below the ground.

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