Bryan Colangelo Plans to Talk Contract Extension With Brett Brown

CAMDEN, N.J. - The Sixers have more than just players on the roster to determine this offseason. They also plan to address Brett Brown's future as head coach.

"I've spoken with Brett on a couple of occasions this year just to let him know that it's my intention to sit down with him and discuss a contract extension for him," president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo said Friday. "I don't think it's the healthiest of situations for coaches to go into a season with one year remaining on their contracts. It impacts so many aspects of what you're doing."

Brown, who is entering the final year of his contract, concluded his fifth season as head coach of the Sixers with a massively improved 52-30 record and Eastern Conference semifinals appearance. It is a drastic comparison to the 75 wins and 253 losses in his first four years without teams built to contend. This time around, he had a roster featuring two emerging young stars and proven veterans. 

"I think everybody asked me when I first got here, ‘Are you going to give him the opportunity to coach?'" Colangelo said. "I said, ‘Absolutely. He deserves the opportunity to not only prove that he can coach better talent, but that he should have the opportunity to finish this job.'

"I think he's taken a big step forward proving that as the talent increases, as the availability of his players is more consistent, and as he can adapt and manipulate that talent, he's doing a very good job, which is once again why we're going to be talking about a contract extension at the appropriate time." 

Brown has expressed his desire to remain in the city where he began his head coaching career in 2013. 

"I think this will play out as it plays out, but I love being here," Brown said. "We've grown something that I think all of us, when you take a deep breath, look around and collectively as an organization, I'm just so proud of where we are. I think my situation will unfold as it should." 

That seems likely to happen before the Sixers kick off the 2018-19 season.

"I'm hopeful that at the appropriate time we sit down and have some discussion with respect to his situation and he realizes just how much we value him as the coach of this program," Colangelo said. 

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