Bring on the Swagger

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For gamers who live and die by PlayStation, X-Box, and Wii, Madden 2011 has a feature that is -- as they say -- "off the chain."  Along with the ratings for running, throwing and catching is a rating for SWAGGER!

That's right, swagger. As in T.O. or Ochocinco or in our case, DJack -- DeSean Jackson

Old timers largely view this as further evidence of the decline of the Republic. I'm an old timer; my kids delight in calling me "Old School."

I happen to LOVE the swagger feature.

See, I grew up with Muhammad Ali as my hero. He still is. Many of us who grew up in the 70's watching Ali do the "shuffle," rope-a-dope, trash talk and rhyme on the fly with genius comedic timing.

Purists will claim this swagger feature encourages bad sportsmanship and rewards bad behavior.

Come on, folks. Really?

Then don't abdicate your child rearing to Madden.  He's known for many things, but parenting your child isn't one of them.
Athletes, like fans and gamers, will take things to extreme. But I mostly chuckle when I see Terrell Owens pouring popcorn onto his facemask or Chad Ochocinco doing the Riverdance after touchdowns.

I assure you that aside from T.O. stomping on the Star at the 50-yard line in Texas Stadium as a 49er, NFL players mostly view celebrations with amusement -- whether it's their own or an opponent.

Besides, this stuff is marketable. That's why you see it on SportsCenter and in Madden 2011.

DeSean Jackson may score 15 TD's this year and I hope he has 15 different routines that will make me smile.  I think weighing 165-pounds -- as DJack is reported to be -- is one reason he has so much swagger.

I say, the more swagger the better.

I hope Madden 2012 will have a rating for the spontaneity, originality and execution of touchdown celebrations.

Maybe there's some residual income coming my way if they include punching the goal post.

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