Brian Dawkins Got a Super Bowl Ring … and It's Perfect

Just before the Eagles were finally allowed to open their ring boxes during Thursday night's private event in South Philly, they brought Brian Dawkins on stage. 

Dawkins, who will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this spring, spoke briefly, but told the Eagles he wasn't even sure if they realized what they had done. How important this Super Bowl really was for a lot of people, including former players like him. 

As a member of the front office during the Super Bowl season, Brian Dawkins now has a Super Bowl ring. How cool is that? 

And instead of having his last name on the ring like everyone else, Dawkins' ring actually says "Weapon X." 


And just because you probably can't see it enough, here's Dawk with a mile-wide smile as he shows off the ring last night. 

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