Birds Plan to Honor Garrett Reid’s Memory

Eagles plan to wear helmet stickers, hold moment of silence to honor son of head coach Andy Reid

The Eagles have a plan in place to honor the memory of Garrett Reid when they take the field for their preseason opener.

NBC10’s John Clark tweeted Wednesday afternoon about how the Birds plan on honoring the deceased son of their head coach.

Eagles will have moment of silence for Garrett Reid before tomorrow night's game. Players will wear a decal on helmet "GR"

The gestures, which will take place during Thursday's Eagles-Steelers game at the Linc, should sit nicely with Eagles players. Quarterback Michael Vick has already said he plans on dedicating the season to Coach Reid.

“Michael and Garrett were close they had gone through some of the same experiences -- being incarcerated and so on,” Coach Reid said. “I respect Michael for that.”

Garrett Reid, 29, died Sunday in his dorm room at Eagles training camp at Lehigh University. Reid was at camp helping the Eagles strength and conditioning coaches.

Andy Reid will be on the sideline coaching the Birds Thursday night. He returned to the team for Wednesday’s walk through.

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