Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Watch: Benjamin Alexander Becomes First Jamaican to Participate in Alpine Skiing

Benjamin Alexander became the first-ever Jamaican Alpine skier to compete at the Winter Olympics

At the Winter Olympics, Jamaica is known to participate in bobsled, but for the first time in Jamaica's history a new sport will be added to its resume.

Benjamin Alexander, 38, is only the 15th athlete to represent Jamaica in the Winter Olympics, and he just crossed the finish line in men's giant slalom.

The DJ turned Olympian is fairly new to alpine skiing after not trying the sport until 2015.

"I went to the Olympics in PyeongChang as a spectator and noticed that there were only three athletes in representation for Jamaica, a country that's a complete powerhouse in the Summer Games," Alexander said.

"So there was a bit of the kernel of an idea [of competing in the Olympics] forming there."

Alexander finished 54th after his first run and will look to improve in run 2.

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