Be an Eagles Cheerleader

Eagles cheer pre-audition workshop Feb. 25

E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!

Now try it with a pair of pom-poms in hand.  Well, if you want to be an Eagles cheerleader, you’ll have to be able to do that and a whole lot more.

Here’s your chance to get out on the field as you cheer on Philly’s home team.  All you  have to do—is make it.

Over the next nine weeks, you’ll have time to practice, train and get pumped for the 2009 Eagles Cheerleader auditions.

The pre-audition workshop will be on February 25 from 6pm to 10pm.  This is an optional workshop to get hair, makeup, dance and fitness tips.  Plus, there is a mock-audition, which could help you prepare for the main event.  The workshop costs $45.

The open call is March 28 at Lincoln Financial Field.  Expect a large, and we mean large, turnout.  You will learn a routine and perform in groups for two panels of judges.

If you make it through the open call, you still have the semifinals and finals to conquer.  Only 60 finalists will be chosen to compete in the final round where they will be judged on things like fitness, dance and beauty.

Sounds tough, right?  Well, why couldn’t one of those finalists be you?

Get out there and get training.  If anything, it’ll be a great workout.

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