Barack Obama Points to Chris Long to Show What's Best About America in 2017

The clock is running out on 2017 and it was certainly a year that put many through the ringers.

But it wasn't all bad this calendar year.

Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, took some time on Friday to reflect back and point out some of the positive stories that took place in an otherwise challenging year.

"As we count down to the new year, we get to reflect and prepare for what's ahead. For all the bad news that seemed to dominate our collective consciousness, there are countless stories from this year that remind us what's best about America," Obama wrote.

He shared the stories of a Houston wedding planner who turned a postponed wedding due to Hurricane Harvey into a volunteer opportunity and the tale of a 10-year-old boy in Chicago trying to help the homeless.

And he shared the story about Eagles defender Chris Long that we all in Philadelphia know so well by this point.

"Chris Long gave his paychecks from the first six games of the NFL season to fund scholarships in Charlottesville, VA. He wanted to do more, so he decided to give away an entire season's salary. That's a story from 2017," Obama wrote.

Long first spoke out after the ugly incidents in Charlottesville and later vowed to play the entire 2017 season for free and instead give those earnings to causes he felt needed the money more than he did.

In a time when professional athletes frequently get called out and criticized by many in power, it's refreshing to see one of our own get recognized for his generosity and willingness to help a cause he believes in.

Long has also been a strong supporter of Malcolm Jenkins' efforts to raise awareness for racial and social injustices.

Obama finished with a message calling on all Americans to pitch in and do what they can.

"All across America people chose to get involved, get engaged and stand up. Each of us can make a difference, and all of us ought to try. So go keep changing the world in 2018."

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