Baldwin Calls Philly an Illegitimate Sports Town…

The joke of a famous Boston Red Sox fan and a famous New York Yankees supporter jabbing at each other’s teams took a nasty turn towards Philly bashing in a New Era Cap ad posted to YouTube Friday.

The comedic commercial takes a stab at our beloved Phillies and the sports-frenzied fan base in the City of Brotherly Love.

In the ad a Sox-hat-wearing John Krasinski asks Yankees fan Alec Baldwin if the 30 Rock star was now rooting for the Phillies since Cliff Lee spurned the Yanks richer offer to return to Philly.

“First of all, Yankee fans don’t consider Philadelphia to be a legitimate sports town, John, you know that,” Baldwin tells Krasinski.

Hold on, those are some fighting words. Let’s just hope that Baldwin doesn’t actually feel that way and was simply playing a character for the sports apparel ad.

The banter continues as Baldwin tells The Office star that Yankee fans don’t even consider the Sox a rivalry because of all the winning the Yanks have done.

Let’s just hope that the Phightins get their chance to show Baldwin what legitimacy is by avenging the 2009 World Series loss by “winning” in 2011. Let’s see how Baldwin feels about Lee once the Phillies No. 2 ace does to the Yanks exactly what Lee does to the Yanks -- destroy them.

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