Baldwin Makes Fun of Eagles' Bad “Dream”

Actor takes a few comedic shots at the Eagles Saturday night

Award-winning actor Alec Baldwin kicked Eagles fans while we were down at Saturday night's NFL Honors show telling a couple jokes at the expense of the Birds.

The 30 Rock star, and host of the event, kicked off the first-annual award show with a nearly 9-minute monologue that took comedic swings at the Kardashians, award shows, Clay Matthews' hair, Tim Tebow, the awards themselves and even his Words With Friends airplane spat.

But the native Long Islander's most notable joke came at the expense of our beloved Eagles.

"The lockout ended and we then had an accelerated Free Agent signing period. The Philadelphia Eagles made a lot of high-profile acquisitions, which led Vince Young to proclaim them the 'Dream Team.'

"Well he was right, it was a dream season. Unfortunately it was one of those dreams where you show up at school naked, you forget to study for the test and you lose four of your first five games. You know -- that dream. Is LeSean McCoy laughing? I'm not looking over there."

Shady was having a good laugh, though, I'm sure he would still have rather have been in his hotel room preparing for the big game then watching a Giants fan tell some jokes about it.

Oh well, maybe DeSean Jackson, Shady and company can get some revenge on Baldwin by beating him down in a game of Words With Friends or by beating his beloved Giants on the field next season.

Till then...

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