Baking Up the Cup

Local Italian bakery Potito's in South Philly is creating a life-size Stanley Cup cake for a good cause

What do you get when you combine 150-pounds of cake batter, a whole lot of Flyers pride, and Lord Stanley’s Cup? A tasty, life-sized Stanley Cup-Cake creation.

Potito’s Bakery in South Philly is taking on the heavy task of recreating an edible version of the Cup. At a staggering 34-pounds and almost 3-feet tall, the Stanley Cup is not an easy trophy to replicate.

“I wanted it to be the exact size of the Stanley Cup, I didn’t want to do something smaller,” said bakery co-owner Matt Benigno. “I want it to be the exact dimensions, but along the way a lot of times I was doubting myself.”

A scrumptious combination of chocolate-chip, vanilla and raspberry pound cake, the body of the trophy is mouth-watering to say the least.

Constructing a cake with such a unique shape can prove to be a challenge. After running into some trouble constructing the cup portion, Benigno and staff decided that Styrofoam was the best solution to shore up the structure.

Covered in fondant -- a sugar paste used for decorating cakes -- and given a smooth texture, the cup rests proudly on the monstrous trophy.

Potito’s isn’t the first bakery to take on the Stanley Cup. The popular Food Network series Ace of Cakes created a life-sized version in their bakery, Charm City Cakes located in Baltimore.

Requested by a couple for their wedding, this 30-layer Stanley Cup-Cake was the perfect addition to their hockey themed reception.

Charm City Cakes also showed viewers that cake making isn’t an easy trade as they struggled with achieving the most accurate silver while still keeping the cake edible.

Let’s hope the time and dedication put towards Potito’s Stanley Cup-Cake brings just enough luck and support to the Flyers in the Finals.

Potito’s is raffling off their masterpiece before Game 4 and all proceeds benefit the American Heart Association and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. For more information, call 215-334-2996 or visit their website.

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