Gonzo Flies to the Wrong Bird

Sorry Eagles fans -- the tight end we wanted has flown the coop.

The Atlanta Falcons snagged tight end Tony Gonzalez from the Kansas City Chiefs, contrary to a Sports Illustrated report that the Eagles were front-runners to land Gonzo.

The deal cost the Falcons a second-round pick in next year's NFL Draft, bettering the Eagles’ offer to the Chiefs of a third-round draft pick for the 33-year-old tight end, according to SI.

The Chiefs probably upset their fan base by trading away one of their most popular players (like the Eagles did with letting Brian Dawkins go). It could be perceived that they gave away Gonzo for little return.

The Eagles had flirted with Gonzo before. They were in the running to land the elite tight end last season before the Chiefs decided to hold onto the future Hall of Famer.

The Eagles like Brent Celek at the tight end but really have no other viable options entering next season, while Gonzalez still strikes fear in the hearts of NFL defenders. He would have upgraded the Birds’ passing game and given them more time to develop Celek.

An elite tight end like Gonzo would have allowed the Birds to spread the field and open up space for DeSean Jackson, Kevin Curtis and Brian Westbrook to do their magic.

Well, forget that idea.

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