Andy Reid Breaks His Silence, Talks B-Dawk

The long Philadelphia nightmare is over -- after a tumultuous off-season (so far) Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid finally broke his silence.

Reid didn't go to the traditional media (sports radio, local TV or ESPN), no, he stayed right at home at

Reid's "State of the Team" address/interview is more like propaganda produced inside the Eagles family than a journalistic sit down fans desired. The interviewer was a paid Eagles employee, Dave Spadaro, instead of an objective outsider.

But, that still doesn't mean that something can't be taken from Reid's words.

Reid was in hiding after the Eagles allowed Brian Dawkins to walk away from the team. He answered no questions, made no comments outside of some short prepared written comments during the past few weeks.

The Eagles head guy discussed Dawkins leaving the nest in his first "State of the Team" interview. (The latest edition is on the Eagles' offensive line moves.)

Reid spoke kindly of Dawkins both on and off the field. He wished his former defensive leader all the best as he plays for Denver.

The team is prepared for life without Dawkins, said Reid.

Both Reid and team president Joe Banner wanted B-Dawk to stay, said Reid. He also reiterated that no rift occurred between him and Banner over the Dawkins issue.

But, the off-season has played out how the team planned, according to Reid. So, does that mean that they really planned to let Dawkins leave?

Decide for yourself. Watch the whole video interview.

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