Allen Iverson to Play Again in Philly?

A.I. rumored to play at the Palestra exhibition game this weekend

Rumors are circulating that former 76ers great Allen Iverson could be joining superstars Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Chris Paul and others on the court at the “Battle for I-95” game Sunday night at the Palestra.

The possibility of A.I. bringing his talents to the court in the city where he became a superstar made front page news Thursday on ESPN.

“A source with knowledge of the game rosters says Iverson is supposed to play”, ESPN reported. The game’s organizer, Rahim Thompson, issued a “no comment” response to ESPN when asked if Iverson would play.

Gary Moore, close friend and manager of Iverson, denied the claims and said Iverson will not be playing according to CSNPhilly.

That however has not stopped the speculation.

Iverson is set to be back in town Saturday night hosting a VIP event at the Vault Ultra Lounge on North 2nd Street, which is interestingly titled “The Return,” according to Inquirer.

Many are left wondering and perhaps hoping that maybe A.I. will hang around long enough to join the other basketball superstars expected to play. Anthony, James, Paul and Kevin Durant are among those on Team Melo which will compete against Hakim Warrick, Sixer Lou Williams, "Flip" Murray, the Morris twins and others representing Team Philly.

Another player with ties to Philly, Kobe Bryant, has been invited by game organizers but according to ESPN has not yet committed to play -- too bad for Team Philly, which could use both Bryant and Iverson’s renowned talents.

The game starts at 6 p.m. and will stream live on Sport’s Illustrated’s website.

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