A.J. Burnett Pens Touching Tribute on 8th Anniversary of Roy Halladay's Perfect Game

It's hard to believe it's been eight years since Roy Halladay tossed a perfect game for the Phillies against the Marlins down in Florida. Philly fans remember May 29, 2010, like it was yesterday.

(Ugh, the Flyers)

It's typically fun to reflect back on incredible sporting achievements or funny moments - let's not talk about practice ever again though - when they pop up on social media or teams remind us of them. But it's much tougher when the amazing player and person who made them possible is no longer with us.

We get reminded of Roy's greatness but also the pain that comes with losing him too soon.

One of Roy's old teammates and friends, A.J. Burnett, used the opportunity to write a fond remembrance of Doc that talks about what an amazing pitcher he was but also what an amazing friend.

The Players' Tribune piece, titled simply "Doc", shows Roy the laser-focused pitcher but also the jokester off of the field that Burnett helped bring out of him. It talks about the legendary game-day preparation, the detailed approach to the game, the love of fishing, the superhuman goals Doc set for himself, and one impressive prediction.

When he threw that no-hitter for the Phillies in the playoffs against the Reds, I was with the Yankees in Minnesota. I was sitting in the clubhouse that afternoon, and I distinctly remember saying, "Watch Doc go out and throw a no-no tonight."

I'm dead serious. That's what I said. You can ask anyone who was in that clubhouse. They were there. They heard it

It was Doc's first postseason start ever. I knew he'd be locked in.

"Watch for it. I'm telling you. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if he throws a no-hitter tonight."

And then the guy went out and did it.

But mostly it's simply a piece about friendship.

Burnett praises Doc quite a bit throughout, calling him the best teammate he ever had. Give the whole piece a read and remember the greatness that was Roy Halladay.

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