A Glimpse of Brian Dawkins Stuff You'll See at Hall of Fame

There's one competition flying under the radar this summer for the Eagles. And it's not weakside linebacker or nickel corner. 

There's also a competition to see which Hall of Famer can draw out the largest group of fans from their respective former teams. I wouldn't bet against Brian Dawkins. 

Because while Ray Lewis will bring out Ravens fans, Brian Urlacher will bring out Bears fans and Randy Moss will bring out Vikings fans, you better believe Weapon X is going to make that place a sea of green. 

So if you're making the trip to Canton for the Aug. 4 ceremony and plan on checking out the Hall of Fame, here's part of what you'll see related to Dawk. 

It looks like the Eagles are going to be well-represented in Dawkins' locker, which is to be expected, but that Broncos helmet did make its way in. 

We don't know how the entire thing will look when it's done, but hopefully, we'll see it soon enough. Randy Moss has already shared what his locker stall looks like. 

What other Dawkins stuff would you put in his locker? Maybe that signature black skull cap. Perhaps an Alge Crumpler jersey crumpled at the bottom? 

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Posted by Brian Dawkins on Saturday, June 9, 2018

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