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Will the Eagles Actually Sign a Fullback?



    Will the Eagles Actually Sign a Fullback?
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    Leonard Weaver is a big guy -- 6' 242 lbs.

    The Philadelphia Eagles aren't known for learning their lesson when it comes to personnel moves (calling a No. 1 wide receiver, again) but maybe even the grizzled old Birds brass can change.

    The team could be close to signing free agent fullback Leonard Weaver from the Seattle Seahawks, according to the Daily News' Les Bowen.

    Weaver is in talks with the Eagles but nothing is decided yet, according to Weaver's agent Harold Lewis.

    The Eagles came up a yard short last season a few too many times in large part because they didn't have a fullback.

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    Dan Klecko filled in admirably for the 2008 Birds but he just isn't a natural fullback. Weaver, 26, is not only a fullback but he can also carry the ball -- he averaged nearly 4.5 yards per carry over his three NFL seasons.

    Weaver would fit in nicely with the Eagles because he is a good blocker and power runner who can also catch passes out of the backfield, NFL guru John Clayton told Seattle's 950 KJR on Tuesday.

    The question now is whether the Birds interest in Weaver could mean that they really are dedicated to adding weapons for Donovan McNabb and not "rebuilding" as Sal Pal and some others said.

    Weaver could be the first piece to rebuilding towards a Super Bowl run now, not later.